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It was all a dream… no seriously it all started with a dream. A get you out of your sleep, out of your bed, and on your feet, type of dream. 


Hi, I’m Chasity Snow, CEO of Company Curators, and Founder of the Reckless Babe Tribe. I’m the pattern interrupting, real talk, out the box creating coach and author who helps women build confidence, lift voices, and provides sisterhood as they chase their dreams of authorpreneurship and entrepreneurship. 


In 2017, it all started to happen. The dirty thirty or flirty thirty feeling. You know the feeling of WTF do I want to do with my life. There had to be more to my life than working 2 jobs, raising my kids, and reading smut. Now I love smut novels so much I write them but we will get to that. When I started praying and doing more than thinking about that ‘more’, a friend came to me and said “You’ve got a book in your belly”. And she was right, in fact I had 36 books in my belly. Yes, I’m an author of 36 published novels and one bestseller. That love and support from my friend started the creation and journey of Author C. Monet, author of black women being loved and protected and storylines that didn't always fit in the lines and boxes. Elation! 


As I traveled down the author path I took another leap, I quit my job because there was more out there. And there happened to be more women like me wishing to lift their voices with their pen. My coaching business Reckless Branding and VA happened and I’ve helped more than a handful of women to the finish line. But again I wanted to make more of an impact. More women wanted support and it just wasn't by way of the pen, they wanted successful businesses. And I wanted that for them. 


A lot of my story comes from others seeing things in me that I didn't and couldn't see in myself. With that came my CEO position in Company Curators, the founder saw my ability to lead, ability to teach, to guide, to encourage, and my ability to rally my sisters on one stage.  And in this role, I get to take a look out into the world and see black women for the powerful, divine, impactful, and beautiful people they are and encourage them to heal, face, and thrive in life-changing acts of ‘secure the bag’. But while securing the bag, I want to share a message of hope, healing, and mental wholeness. Black women deserve that and all that it entails. I help women get their happy ending either in fiction or reality, while also living my own. 


In total, I’m Chasity Snow, author of smut novels, inciter of hopes, dreams, and wine before nine!

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What I Do

I will provide marketing expertise, brand analysis, and solutions that help in attaining your business goals and objectives. 

Whether you are looking for author coaching or business coaching, my coaching services will provide you with all you need and the confidence to execute.

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Allow me to serve as a second you so you can focus on the things that really make you feel energized. I know you can do it alone but you don't have to. 

Just need some professional, practical, and expert advice. I got your back.


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